Jets over Pampa 2019: trophies & pilots top 5

Pampa Challenge Trophy

The winner of the Pampa Challenge Trophy 2019 is:

jop19 17Team Hinton & Lancaster

This year, the cup didn't go to one person, but to the team (Mark) Hinton en Lancaster. They won for different jets by quality of scale and pilot ability.

We congratulate them with their first place!



Pilots top 5

First place Team Hinton Lancaster various models
Second place Jeannot Behm PC 21 / MBB339
Third place Koen Achten jr F-104
Fourth place Adam & Andy Johnson Formation flight Tucano's
Fifth place Patrick de Vos L39

Other trophies

Biggest model: Adam Johnson Vickers Valiant
Best demo: Ryan Schroeder F-100
Beste civilian model: Arjan Kok Viper Jet
Best military model: Michel Schurink A-10
Best turboprop: Jeroen Muller P20 - Turboprop
Best heli: no winner  


Most unfortunate pilot: Bruno Henderyckx
Youngest participant: Laurens Vandijk (11 years)
Oldest participant: Phil Gutteridge (75 years)
Furtest distance travelled Ken McCormick (Glasgow area, Scotland - +/- 1200km)